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About Us

Having parents in the medical field, Tamara-Lys the founder of Facial-Brush Beauty  Institute felt it was time and her duty to make her own contribution in the area of health care.

This is how she materialized what she has always loved to do for many years: Taking care of people

Many times she has felt helpless and unable to help a friend who suddenly found herself with a lot of pimples, acne or blackheads,before a date or a presentation, or any kind of outing.


So it all began with a research on how to solve this kind of problem, not for a few hours or a few days, but on a permanent basis.

First she  started to read a lot about skin irritation and dryness and what was causing them to appear then she started to apply green tea/aloe vera and apple cider vinegar on her relatives and close friends then it spread to the neighbors, girlfriends at school,  colleagues at work.

Today, Tamara and her team are proud to present their Facial Brush,an effective instrument which have brought  solutions to skin problems to more than 1600 people worldwide.

This makes Facial Brush not just a beauty Institute that is concerned only in selling products but they have a dedicated team,close to their customers who goes further in the search for satisfaction.

 Their DNA is more results-oriented than sales-oriented.

Our team's main principle is to always provide our customers with quality products, reviewed , tested and validated by certified dermatological institutes.

Through this Facial Brush, we want to provide an effective and efficient solution to all those women who ,after using a ton of products,are still not satisfied with the results.

Our product is not a simple gadget but a real tool that will cleanse your skin deep down.

Remember that it can only be effective if you use it as part of a daily routine, it is by using it regularly that you will see the change in your skin, on your face and be sure your entourage will also notice it.

Facial-Brush Team.